GET TO KNOW ME Hi everyone..My name is Khushboo Mittal .I am 14 and a student of 10th standard. Since I love writing poems & quotes, I decided to share it with you all.. It's just my passion and would be grateful if my work would be shared and liked. Thankyou for visiting at my … Continue reading A NEW JOURNEY


Hey there! For the past few days, I have been busy in my homeworks and tuitions and other work, but today I would like to share a few tips of how I did maximun of my work in a day with the help of these few tips of time management. Earlier, I was also one … Continue reading TIME MANAGEMENT


Love is a feeling, A feeling so intense, An incredible ride of ecstasy, Full of passion and care. -Khushboo Mittal . . . Short of topics... Plz suggest something to write... Thankyou Khushboo


Friendship is a very pure bond of two individuals which is totally dependent on 3 rules- promises, trust and affection. Two soul come together, hold each other's hand and promise to never leave that hand. Friendship is totally different from love. There is a very thin line between friendship and love amd generally friendship is … Continue reading FRIENDSHIP..